organic electronic music & multimedia productions

hi, we're a weird music group.

two of us wear glasses. one of us doesn't.

in the past we've recorded some serious albums and played some serious tours.

now we also create contemporary digital music and produce multimedia projects.

u n d e r w a t e r

u n d e r w a t e r

underwater is a short, organic story created with acoustic & electronic instruments, computers and a bunch of cameras.

we like to call the parts "dolphins”, „deep” and „blue-green dub” and one day we might release them on vinyl. wouldn’t that be cool?

in collaboration with gierach brothers

we create 360° concepts of composing music, sound design, audio production, visual arts and live performances

our works are based on a beating heart of electronic instruments and computer audio manipulation in symbiosis with conventional musical instruments

we've played 150+ shows in 7 countries around the world


We create conceptual and engaging musical statements. We know how to put them in modern forms of communication, culture and entertainment.

we produce

music for computer games

music for commercials

music for events

music for social media content

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What we do is creative deconstruction of musical styles and genres. We collide them and make something fresh and evolving. We operate on a multitude of aesthetics and we are very open for experiments.

if you’re interested in 8-bit music with opera vocals for your new RPG game – that's OK for us!

if you want strange jignles for your multimedia event – that's OK for us too!

if you expect a classic cover-band with 70’ and 80’ hits – that's definitely not OK for us.

Drop us a message regarding your inquiry and ideas.


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